Welcome to the Change & Evolve Letter by me, Tanja.

I am insatiably curious with a voracious hunger for life. Apart from that I am a woman and mother with a deep love for poetry, music and beautiful minds.

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What can you expect from the Change & Evolve Letter?

Firstly, why Change & Evolve? Well, that’s the name of my business and I am very sure that this newsletter will change and evolve over time. I am aiming to write on a weekly basis, and it will be about many different things. I will write about personal development or personal growth - my own and that of others I have had the honour to accompany over the years. I am a passionate mother of two amazing children that are grown now, a daughter and a son, so it will be at times about parenting and motherhood with all it’s joys and pains. I will write about relationships, about love, about everyday things that challenge us and that are part of our lives. Essentially it can be anything that I think about, that moves me, that keeps me up at night.

There will definitely always be music and poetry, two of my passions, that I will share with you. Often others can say what I feel so much better than I ever could.

So bear with me and forgive me if at times there are topics that are not in your focus of interest. I'm always open to ideas and suggestions of things to write about. It will be mainly about personal experiences, and with this of course personal opinions.

Who am I?

My names Tanja Boness.

I was born 1967 in Germany (and no, you need not worry that I will give you my whole life story here). Even if I was born in Germany, and live there at the moment, I was raised in a very international environment going to international schools in the Netherlands, as well as an England. For some reason I cannot really explain, England is what I call home. That is probably why I am writing this in my second language, English and not in my first language German. And that's already enough about my childhood for now.

In my professional life I did not only change jobs, I changed professions - several times. Here in Germany this is not well perceived and has made my professional life challenging at times.

That's probably why I mainly worked for international companies. I started off as a travel agent, moved to public relations from there and switched to marketing. I then somehow ended up in sales and business development. I did interims management for several companies. I was GM Europe for a company for a while and can claim that I was highly successful in what I did and not always happy (but then who is).

I do not have a university degree and learned what I know on the job (or actually the many jobs I did). What helped me to stand my ground is my insatiable curiosity and that I am an extremely quick learner. Most of the time I enjoyed what I was doing and then then I noticed something that all the jobs, as different as they were, had something in common. Ok, the common denominator was me and what I was doing. It was something that always came to me very naturally, and that was helping (or coaching) people I worked with to succeed. So at a certain point, I decided to make that my profession, which I did. After I had been on my own journey of personal growth I discovered the Enneagram and I had finally found what I was looking for to support what I am doing with such passion.

And that's how the name Change & Evolve (we all do that constantly but often not consciously and with deliberation) came up and I started my work as a coach/consultant/practitioner and supporting people in their transformation. So today I work as a full time iEQ9 Enneagram practitioner, which I absolutely love, because it somehow never feels like work. I also still also consults companies, and I enjoy that tremendously as well. No matter what I do I need to work with people.

Here is an extract of a testimonial:

“In addition, Tanja’s leadership coaching has helped me to become a better leader for my team and to appreciate the human resource in my team in a completely different way. Today we work much more efficiently and have largely banished frustration from our daily work. It has also helped me to change professionally and to find a job and a company that really suits me, so that I have also found a new drive professionally.”

To read the full testimonial or find out why my clients love to work with me you can read them here.

If you would like to connect with me I would be happy to take the time for a speed coaching call that you can reserve right here.

Check out my website or contact directly via email tb@change-and-evolve.com

So that's a bit about my professional life. So what about what moves me, what are my motivations and the things I love to do? I have ALWAYS loved to write. Since I was a child I journaled. Correction, I didn't really journal, I just wrote things down to never read them again, simply to get them out of my head - something I do until this day. I also have this great love for poetry.

Something I've enjoyed since I was eight years old (Thank you Mrs. Neubelt for introducing me to Robert Frost and igniting this everlasting love affair with poetry). It’s something that I had lost for quite a while though, but especially last year in 2020, poetry, came back into my life full throttle and I did a poetry challenge on YouTube where I read one poem on every day of that year, which was absolutely wonderful and got me through that year of madness. It gave me the opportunity to discover new and old poets and amazing poetry that I had not known.

Apart from that I love to be outside, walking, running, cycling, and hiking no matter what the weather is like.

I adore good food and love to cook. Traveling is an important part of my life and I love to tango.

Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey!

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I am insatiably curious with and voracious hunger for life. Apart from that I am woman and mother with a deep love for poetry, music, beautiful minds, a newly discovered passion for tango, and a very critical view of current world events .